Project Description

E clip rail fastening system is very mature system,  which can be used in almost all kinds of rail sections. And now E clip system is very widely used all over the world.


  • Safe, reliable system from the original designer
  • Threadless, self tensioning system for all market segments
  • Most extensive range of designs for every type of application and environment
E clip fastening system

Components Type 1: 

1Rail Clip460Si2MnA
2Insert Shoulder4QT450-10
3Rail Insulator4PA66+30%GF
4Rail Pad2Rubber & EVA & HAPE

Components Type 2: 

1Rail Clip460Si2MnA
2Tie Plate4Q235 / QT450
3Rail Insulator4PA66+30%GF
4Screw Spike & Dog Spike4Q235&35k&45#
5Rail Pad2Rubber & EVA & HAPE

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