Project Description

The KPO fastening system is also widely used all over the world. It belongs to clamp fastening system. The clamps includes KPO3, KPO5, KPO6 and KPO9 etc. It has better clamping force and longer duration life than normal fastening system, and it also is an only system which is widely used for Crane Rails.

KPO Rail fastening system


ItemPart NamePcs / SetTypesMaterial
1KPO Clamp2KPO3, KPO6, KPO9Q235
2Screw Spike4M24×150mm
M24 ×160mm
M24 ×180mm
Grade 4.6: Q235
Grade 5.6: 35#
Grade 8.8: 45#
3Hs Bolt2HS26, HS32Grade 4.6: Q235
Grade 5.6: 35#
Grade 8.8: 45#
4Hex Nut2Can be customizedGrade 5: 35#
Grade 8: 45#
5Double Coil spring washer2Can be customized65Mn
6Tie Plate1Rail of UIC54,UIC60,
50kg rail, 60kg rail, S49, etc.
Also can be customized.
Casting: QT500-7, QT450-10
Forging: low / high carbon steel

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