Project Description

Rail insulator is installed between rail and tie plate, it’s used to adjust rail gauge and insulate the rail from tie plates and clips. It’s of the same use as a rail pad, but it is thicker than rail pad. And it can be used in E type fastening, SKL rail fastening and Nabla fastening system .
Main Functions: 
1. Distribution of toe load over larger area on rail foot;
2. Allow flexibility for use of different rail section on the same / common sleeper;
3. Permits gauge adjustment in curved track and correction in alignment;
4. Provide insulation between rail and insert.

E-type Rail Insulator

E-type rail insulators are used in E-clip fastening systems, together with E-clips, rail shoulders and rail pads, whose function is to cushion the passing train’s stress onto the rail and make the rail back to position afterwards, similarly used as a rail pad under the rail track.

E type Rail Insulator

SKL Guide Plate

SKL railway insulator are also called guide plates, it’s used in SKL fastening systems, combined with SKL tension clipsscrew spikesplastic dowelsflat washers and rail pads.

SKL Guide Plate

Nabla Insulator

Nabla insulator are also called guide plates, it’s used in Nabla Fastening System, combined with Nabla clipsDouble head spikes, nutsflat Washers and rail pads.

Nabla Insulator

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