Project Description

A rail spike (also known as a cut spike, track spike or crampon) is a large nail with an offset head that is used to secure rails and base plates to sleepers in the track. A rail spike is roughly chisel-shaped and with a flat edged point; the spike is driven with the edge perpendicular to the grain, which gives greater resistance to loosening. The main function is to keep the rail in gauge. When attaching tie plates the attachment is made as strong as possible, whereas when attaching a rail to tie or tie plate the spike is not normally required to provide a strong vertical force, allowing the rail some freedom of movement.

Mechanical Properties:

Material: Q235, 35K, 45#, 40Cr, etc.
Size: 5/8*6 ” , 9/16*5-1/2 ”, 3/8”*3-1/2 ”, 1/2*3-1/2” or other kinds.
Surface: Normally Plain, or as customer’s requirements.

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