Project Description

A variety of different types of heavy-duty clips are used to fasten the rails to the underlying baseplate or Sleeper, SKL Rail Clip,  it is also the most widely used type all over the world. Others like Pandrol E Clip, KPO Clamp, Nabala Clip and Deenik Clip, also used in different situations.

Types of  SKL Clip:

SKL12 Clip for Europe &Malaysia;
SKL14 Clip for CIS & Asia & Middle East & South America & Europe;
SKL21 Clip for South America & Africa.
SKL30 Clip for CIS Countries;
I type &II type Clips (GB standard) For Aisa.
Other Clips like SKL1, SKL3, SKL15 &  types according to customer’s drawings.

Mechanical Properties:

Material: 60Si2CrA
Hardness: 42-47HRC
Fatigue Life: More than 5 million times.
Surface Treatment: Plain (oiled), Oxide black, Color painting or according to customers’ requirement.

SKL Clip Fastening System

Components type 1:

1SKL Clip460Si2CrA
2Screw Spike4Q235&35k&45#
3Angle Plate4PA66+30%GF
4Dowel4HDPE & PS66
5Rail Pad2Rubber & EVA & HAPE

Components type 2:

1SKL Clip460Si2CrA
2Tie Plate4Q235 /QT450
3Bolt &Nut&Washer435K&45#&65Mn
4Screw Spike4Q235 &35k
5Rail Pad2Rubber & EVA & HAPE
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